Your Appointments

Consultation Visit:

At your consultation visit, Dr. Lotay and staff will review your history,  understand what your concern is, perform an examination, speak with you about any necessary x-rays and review options, costs, risks, benefits and alternatives.  The first part of the appointment will be your medical history.  In order for us to understand your health status, it is important for us to know what medical conditions you are being treated for and the medications you are taking as therapy.  As such, bringing in a complete and accurate list of your medications is required.  As an alternative, you can bring in your medications so that they may be transcribed.  We will also need to know your medication allergies and surgical history.  If x-rays are advised, Dr. Lotay will explain the reason to obtain them and provide you with the costs for the imaging.  In some cases, a medical x-ray may be required and our office will help arrange an appointment with the hospital.  Sometimes your bloodwork may be required or a consultation with your physician.  Again, our office will help coordinated this for you.  Lastly, the costs of the options will be provided to you along with Dr. Lotay's recommendations.  You can then review these options and decide on a course of action that is best for you.  At any time, if you have questions, you may contact us for more information.

Surgical Appointment:

Once you have arrived for you surgical appointment, you will be greeted and then asked to review your treatment plan and the costs associated with treatment.  We will review your consent form and then prepare you for your procedure.  Depending on your anesthetic choice, we well then begin treatment.  Once completed, we will explain the post operative instructions pertinent to your procedure to you and your accompanying adult, provide you with a written set of instructions, and prescriptions if necessary.  If any follow up is required, we will schedule your appointment prior to leaving. 

Pathology Appointment:

All steps as covered above will be carried out.  In addition, a few other points will be covered.  A follow up visit is typically scheduled on week after surgery.  The surgical specimen that is obtained will be sent for pathological analysis and the results will usually be returned in 3 weeks.  At that time, the results will be discussed with you and any need for further therapy reviewed.  If a medication is required, it will be prescribed for you. 

Implant Appointment:

Again all steps covered in the surgical appointment will be covered.  There are some instructions specific for implants that will be reviewed as well.  Specific instructions for diet, activity and hygiene will be explained to you.  An implant specific instruction sheet will be given to you along with any necessary cleaning aids that you may require.  A follow up appointment will scheduled for you one to two weeks after the surgical visit.  Further follow-ups are typically scheduled every 6 weeks until the implant has integrated with the bone.  At this point, you will then be seen by your dentist to have the tooth placed on top of the implant.