Office Protocols

In order to provide the safest environment for safety and to reduce the risk of viral transmission, our office has implemented several safety related protocols. 

Prior to your appointment, several screening questions will be asked.  These questions are designed to assess the level of risk of COVID-19 infection.  The office will review your answers and determine what is the safest way to proceed.  The screening questions are standardized questions that have been generated by our regulatory bodies and the Province of BC and are modified when standards are updated.

-Are you aware you are COVID-19 positive or are you waiting for a test result?

-Do you have a fever or have felt hot or feverish any time in the last two weeks (14 days)?

-Do you have any of the following symptoms.  Dry cough?  Shortness of breath?  Difficulty breathing?  Sore throat?  Runny nose? Post-nasal drip?

-Have you experienced a recent loss of smell or taste?

-Have you been in contact with any confirmed COVID-19 positive patients, or persons self isolating because of a determined risk for COVID-19?

-Have you returned from travel outside of Canada in the last 14 days?

-Have you returned from travel within Canada from a location known affected with COVID-19?

In response to the current pandemic, our office has instituted several policies to ensure safety.  The policies instituted have been formulated with the input of  WorkSafe BC and represent elements of our office specific safety plan.  If more detailed information is required, please feel free to contact our office.

-If you have a mask, we ask that you wear your mask when attending your appointment

-A maximum of two (2) patients are permitted in our reception area at any one time

-Physical distancing of 6 feet / ~2 metres within the office

-Hand sanitizer or soap and water will be available to you for use upon entering the office

-All magazines have been removed from our reception area

-At risk areas have been identified and sanitization procedures carried out at regular intervals

-A physical barrier has been installed at the reception desk

-Physical barriers will be used throughout the office for infection control

-Appointment spacing and reduced patient flow procedures are implemented

-Staff will use PPE (personal protective equipment) that meets or exceeds current recommendations when performing procedures

-Office surfaces will be sanitized between patients

-You may be asked to perform a 1% hydrogen peroxide oral rinse prior to treatment

-Our treatment rooms will be sanitized and airflow allowed to 'rest' between patients

-Your temperature may be acquired prior to treatment as part of the screening process

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