Replacing teeth.  Supporting dentures.

Dental implants have changed the way dentistry is done.  Implants are a way to replace missing teeth or help provide support for dentures or partial dentures.  Implants are made from surgical titanium and consequently, do not create a 'rejection' reaction - our bodies accept the material as natural.  In fact, we rely on this compatibility in order for dental implants to be successful.  The body will actually grow bone directly to the implant surface and stabilize it.  The implant itself is a small screw which has an internal thread within it.  This screw will heal within the bone and after approximately 3-6 months of healing will be ready for a tooth or structure to be placed on top of it.  Implants are not susceptible to decay or cavities, but are susceptible to gum disease,  which means they require professional cleanings and regular brushing and flossing (just as with your own teeth).  We have several pricing options and payment plans available to help facilitate this option for you.  An additional benefit of dental implants is their ability to help maintain bone volume and prevent bone loss from occurring in the area of missing teeth.

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